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Blown AWAY!

Long time Boosted rider, with over 2K hard, Hyper miles. Owner of the MiniX and two Stealths (Boosted 105s / CloudWheels, Caguma Orangutans). The Stealth is a toy by comparison to the aptly named Demon. I have not even gotten it up to the High mode yet because it's terrifying, in the best of ways. I have a daily run through a maze of hills and parks that completely maxes out the Stealth. The Demon was on 75% at the end of the same run at higher average speed. The huge 110mm wheels + high performance motors + battery makes zero compromises on comfort, speed, range, and torque.

E. Chong

Great board, scary amount of power

I've had the board for a couple weeks now and I've loved it. It's got so much power and torque on high mode that it scares me to even use it. The customer service is top notch, they continuously answered my questions and addressed my concerns.

Dylan Tran

Amazing board

This Board has a ton of power. Great range with a high top speed. The remote feels great the connection is instant on acceleration or braking. Overall 10/10


This thing is ludicrously powerful and a quite well put together kit. I’m 240lbs and this thing could drive me up a wall, I’m pretty sure. It has an unbelievable amount of torque. I wasn’t sure about the flex on the deck so I built myself an extra long deck (44”) out of a slab of 4/4 mahogany and it’s perfect. I have taken it out for rides well over 10 miles with my 7 year old on the front (300lbs total rider weight), and the battery indicator is still right near the top. The battery is gigantic. I only run it at medium setting on the remote because of the bananas torque. I got both the AT setup and the 110mm torqueboards blue wheels, and although I thought I’d like the TB110s more, I really find the AT 7” wheels to be just as smooth and fun to carve on, but eat up rougher roads or pavement breaks much better. There is a little more natural drag on the ATs so I’m sure the range is less, but it’s honestly more than enough for me at this point. Propulsion claims 18mi range with the ATs and I absolutely believe it. I also love having the battery indicator right on the remote so I can keep track of what’s left in the tank.

Overall, this is the most powerful, smoothest, longest range board I could possibly imagine. Happy to support a good company, and the communication has been excellent. I got responses on my questions through email within hours, even on the weekends.

11/10 would buy again.

Robert Desjardins

If you are wondering if the Demon Board lives up to the name. Simple Answer: HELL To the YEAHH!!!! Super Stupid Powerful, I did not buy the pre-built version I got all the parts for it to build it myself. I had some hardware/software issues building it but these guys are the best when it comes down to customer support. 

If you are looking for a powerful board to ride on, or want something to flex on your friends which EBoard is the best, or simply just want to get an Eboard and support small businesses definitely going for the Demon 2.0 board is the way to go. 

I will keep in touch with Propulsion Board and check out any new products that come out.

Jesbaam Sanchez