For all of our part there is a 30 day warranty after receiving the parts where if the part is faulty then we will send out a replacement after receiving the faulty part back.

Pre-Built Boards:

- For all of our pre-built boards / kits we offer a free 90 day warranty where if the board/part stops working we will work with you over email to try and fix the problem to cut out the unnecessary shipping costs. However, if we cannot fix the problem through email and then the board can be sent back to Propulsion Boards and we will replace any faulty parts that caused the problem within 90 days of purchase. 

- There is an option for prebuilts/kits for an extended 1 year warranty. The 1 year warranty has the same coverage as the free 90 day warranty and it starts the day of purchase of the warranty.

These warranties does not apply to the following:

 - Any electric skateboard/part that has been subject to abuse, misuse, negligence, or accident (riding in wet conditions, dropping the board etc). (Propulsion Boards skateboards are not designed to be jumped down stairs or off curbs)

- Opening the enclosure and opening the inside of the electrical compartment and removal of the griptape without the permission of Propulsion Boards.

 - Defects caused by tampering, unauthorized alterations, or self repairs are also not covered by this warranty (other than if it was communicated with us).