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The Demon 2.0R kit combines our popular Demon 2.0 with a new RKP truck drive train designed by Boadnamics. The kit also features new upgraded electronics for a increased performance. The result is the most powerful, stable, fun Demon to date.


Limited Quantities Available!


Top Speed: 36 MPH

Range: Up to 32 Miles (Avg. of 26 miles)

Hill Climbing: Any Hill

Max Motor Power: 7,000W

 Weight: 26 Pounds

What's New:

Custom Boardnamics RKP truck drive train

Riptide Barrel Bushings

Stormcore 60D Plus VESC based ESC

BMS Bypassed for discharge

105mm MAD Wheelz

6374 190KV Motors

What's Included:

1 X set of 105mm MAD Wheelz

1 X Vestar Blackhawk Deck

1 X CNC RKP Trucks

1 X 12s3p Samsung 40T Battery

1 X 12s 3A Charger

1 X Stormcore 60D Plus VESC based ESC

1 X VX2 Pro Remote

1 X Enclosure

2 X 6374 170KV Motor

2 X Motor Mounts for RKP Trucks

2 X Belt Covers

2 X Boardnamics 40T Aluminum KEGEL Wheel Pulley

2 X 15T Motor Pulley

2 X 295mm 5M 15mm belt

Truck hardware

Motor Mount Hardware

Enclosure threaded lock nuts and bolts


Not Included:

Grip Tape - We do not include grip tape so that riders can add their own custom designs



Note: We only ship kits with batteries within the United States. If you are an international customer we can only sell the kit without the battery. Please reach out to us for a custom order if this is the case.

Customer Reviews

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Amazing BOARD, Rides like a dream

I was the first customer to receive the SKP CNC trucks! First, they look amazing, Anything cnc is a bit like art lol. Second, They are very precise at high speeds.

The torque is insane, I'm used to riding other boards at 70%+ Throttle but yeah not this one. The range is crazy too. The deck is the perfect size and feel for me (185lbs, size 14 Shoes). The 110mm wheels are great, and take away the harshness of the road without degrading the sports car feel.

Perfect board in my eye especially after you change the acceleration ramp-in to 0.25s(more responsive throttle and more linear between throttle and brake ramp feel) and the brake current to 60A(prevents lock-up) also drop the remote curve to -10% on acceleration and braking(easier when weaving between pedestrian at slow speeds)

Customer service is amazing too, had a warranty issue and they rectified it right away.