The Demon 2.0

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The Demon 2.0 is finally here! We have upgraded to new and improved parts for a better ride experience! 


Top Speed:

Street wheels: 38 mph

All Terrain wheels: 32 mph

- Range:

Street option: Up to 30 miles (Most riders report around 26 miles)

All Terrain option: Up to 18 miles



The Demon 2.0 is a DIY electric skateboard-esque product. These boards are effectively assembled DIY boards. Although they come out of the box ready to ride, it is always a good idea to have the proper equipment to tighten loose bolts etc.

Current Lead Time: 1 Week (Updated 9/6/22)

Although our boards can reach speeds up to 38 MPH we HIGHLY advise riding below 35 MPH. The speed is there if needed, but is not recommended due to the risk it can pose. Ride Safely!

What's Included?

1 X set of 110mm TB Wheels

1 X Bamboo Deck

1 X Pair of double kingpin trucks

1 X 12s3p 40T Battery

1 X Stormcore 60D Plus Plus

1 X VX2 Pro Remote

1 X Enclosure

2 X 6374 190KV Motor

2 X Motor Mounts for double kingpin trucks

2 X Belt Covers

2 X 40T Wheel Pulley

2 X 15T Motor Pulley

2 X 295mm 5M 15mm belt

1 X 12s 3A Charger

Other Items:

Truck hardware

Motor Mount Hardware

Enclosure threaded lock nuts and bolts


Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Tyler L.
So good I ate it…

Wear your seatbelts with this one friends, cause I ate it pretty hard on the lower setting. Even so, I’ve been using it for a couple days now and it’s been working really well. The breaks are very sensitive, so it’ll take some time getting use to if you’ve never had an electric skateboard before. So far, I don’t regret anything!

Julius Wells
Fast and furious 2.0

The Demon 2.0 is extremely fast and fun. The three speeds on the controller is a very good way to get used to the speeds of this board. The double king pin trucks are very good for carving but I found I needed to tighten the up to the max when attempting high speeds. The 110mm wheels are extremely effective when road conditions are at their best, any uneven surface or debris may cause accidents at high speeds as I have found out, so be careful (know your roads and your board). I have had my board for approximately a month and I have recently discover that placing 3mm high density foam between truck and board will improve the vibrations received from road surface (quick fix).

Colin Dudley
Great board

Be careful riding this thing it will mess you up if you aren’t careful, other then that I love it, it’s great for going on rides! side walks are sketchy going anything really over 17 mph so if you can, I’d stay on the street for smoother rides! And seriously wear a helmet if you want to ride this thing fast!!!

Great customer service

Fast shipping and very responsive customer service!

Stefano Alfano
Grip tape issues

So I love everything about the board! Its amazing, absolute tank. Only issues is the weight, the fact that carrying it is a bitch(and no nice place to hold onto it), and the grip tape bubbles (only have 1 bubble rn). Oh and when I break at high speeds its concerning so you really have to time your braking because its so heavy the brakes can lock up fast. I would only recommend going fast on this thing when you KNOW you have a clear smooth road with absolutely 0 debris on the road or rocks whatever. This is a dangerously fast board and the weight makes it dangerous when braking. Other than that, this is the LAMBO of electric longboards. Buy it if you want the very best.